25th anniversary commemorative edition

Flying with Pride looks at how the people of South Africa have embraced the flag and used it for anything from company logos to matches, from hard hats to boxes of matches and let’s not forget our great export to the world – the Vuvuzela!

With loads of photos and drawings, Flying with Pride documents stories such as the call for public submissions, the flood of ideas and comments (both good and bad), the contributions of the advertising agencies and the final design as approved by the Multi-Party Negotiating Council in 1994.

The book also explains the history and importance of flags in the modern world. In addition, various contributors look at the use of the flag in branding, other flag initiatives and the intricacies of manufacturing a flag.


To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of democracy in South Africa, a special edition of Flying with Pride will be produced to include wonderful images where the flag has been proudly displayed.

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